Officer David Crawford Shooting: The father of 16-year-old accused cop killer Nicholas Lindsey apologizes and sobs in court

12:57 PM, Feb 23, 2011   |    comments
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Clearwater, Florida -- The father of 16-year-old accused cop killer Nicholas Lindsey sobbed as he spoke to a judge on behalf of his son Wednesday morning.

The young man's father, Nicholas Lindsey, Sr., cried as he faced Judge Raymond Gross and said he offered his family's deepest sympathies "to the family," presumably referring to the family of fallen St. Petersburg Police Officer David Crawford.

Police say the 16-year old confessed to shooting and killing Crawford during a confrontation near Downtown St. Petersburg on Monday night.

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The accused cop killer stood quietly in court with his hands uncuffed but behind his back. He wore an orange jumpsuit and gave basic information about his age and school when the judge asked direct questions.

During Wednesday's first appearance hearing, the judge ordered Lindsey held in secure detention at the county's Juvenile Detention Center until his trial, or until he's charged as an adult, a change Judge Gross said has "a very high probability" of happening.

The judge told the suspect's father the people of the community will be appreciative of his apology at what is "the start of a long journey" for his son through the justice system.

As the hearing ended, Lindsey, Sr. asked the judge a one last question.

"Can I hug my son?" he asked.

"I can't do that," the judge answered.

"Love you, son," Lindsey, Sr. called out.

Father and son both wiped tears from their eyes as they were led out separate courtroom doors.

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