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Florida Tsunami -- Could it happen here?

9:35 AM, Mar 16, 2011   |    comments
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A tsunami makes its way to the shores of Japan after a devastating earthquake in March of 2011.

St. Petersburg, Florida -- We've seen the terrifying images coming out of Japan.  The devastation caused by the monster earthquake and tsunami.

Many in the Sunshine State are asking if something like that could happen here.

Some will tell you something like that has already happened in Florida.  It was July 3, 1992 on Daytona Beach when a huge wall of water rose out a calm sea and crashed ashore.

Witnesses say the wall of water was as high as 18 feet and washed away cars as people scrambled to safety.

To this day the scientific community is still debating what happened but many agree an undersea landslide prompted this Florida tsunami.

Adam Montella is a disaster expert and he was the emergency manager on duty that weekend in Daytona Beach.

Curretly,  Montella is with Animus Solutions, Inc.

He is also the disater consultant for the Discovery Channel show The Colony and has done extensive research on tsunamis

He talked with us on the Morning Show about what happened that day and why it could happen again.

Click on the video link to hear his interview.



Ginger Gadsden, 10 News

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