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Casey Anthony trial: A look at the jury

11:27 AM, Jul 4, 2011   |    comments
Casey Anthony in court during jury selection.
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Casey Anthony Trial full coverage: Casey Anthony murder trial 

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Clearwater, Florida - It was a drama-filled two weeks during jury selection for the Casey Anthony murder trial where people learned to expect the unexpected.

Potential jurors cried on the stand.  

Casey teared up many times and had to be removed from the courtroom at one point to regain her composure.

Crime Scene Photos: Pictures from where Caylee Anthony's body was found (Caution: Some pictures may be considered graphic)

More Pictures: Click here to see the photos Casey Anthony doesn't want you to see (Caution: pics contain some adult material: IE: Drinking, partial nudity)

One potential juror purposely talked with a reporter so he would get kicked out of the jury pool.

Others simply blurted out, "I think she's guilty."

Then, there was the 29-year-old mother from St. Petersburg who walked into court during the last day of jury selection and screamed out, "She killed somebody anyways." 

Elizabeth Ann Rogers, who has a long criminal history, admitted to the judge that she didn't take her "meds" for bi-polar disorder, manic depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Rogers choked back loud sobs, explaining to the judge that she was at the courthouse to deal with a domestic abuse situation with her fiance.  "I'll never do this again," she said tearfully.

The judge found Rogers guilty of contempt of court and ordered her to serve two days in the Pinellas County Jail.

Judge Belvin Perry had to dismiss the potential juror on the stand after the outburst.

The judge became so angry when the potential juror told him that she was talking with a detective in the jury room while the chaos was going on, that the judge seemed to slam his gavel down so hard that he broke it.

Nothing seemed to be "normal" during the high profile case.

Here's how the jury pool looks for the trial set to last two months in Orlando.   No one can be identified.

There are seven women and five men.  There are also five alternates - three men and two women.

The twelve jurors are the following:

• There is a male high school health/physical education teacher who is related to a member of law enforcement.

• There is a 57-year-old male Verizon worker who is single with no children.

• There is a woman who is married with a father who worked in law enforcement.  Her children are two grown sons in their twenties.

• There is a male Pinellas County worker who specializes in IT work who has two children and is married. 

• There is a female married cook at Publix who has two children. 

• There is a single woman who is 32 years old and works in insurance, and has never heard details of the Casey Anthony case until jury selection took place.

• There is a married father of two children who is 32 years old.  He says his little girl is Caylee Anthony's age. 

• There is a single man who is 53 years old.  He is nearly retired and says he does not care for the news.

• There is a divorced woman who is 41 years old. She has no children, but works with an agency dealing with issues of child welfare.

 • There is a single woman who told the court, "I can be impartial. I do not judge others, and I can listen to the law."

• There is an older woman, close to 70 years old, who performs counseling work.

• There is a woman who is retired.  She admits to not liking shows like Geraldo or HLN's Nancy Grace.  She worked previously as a nurse's aide and is now retired.

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