Party pictures show Casey Anthony grinding on dance floor

8:56 AM, May 26, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - The pictures show Casey Anthony partying in a short, tight-fitting blue dress. She is seen also wearing thigh-high black boots and grinding on the dance floor at an Orlando club called Fusion. 

Photo Gallery: Pictures from the courtroom of Casey Anthony's trial
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Friends and witnesses say Casey was "in charge" of the shot girls who worked there, often giving them tips on how to dress and what to wear.

One of the shot girls, Erica Gonzales, testified, "She took care of us."

Another said, "She invited me to her daughter's birthday party."

Prosecutors say that the 25-year-old Orlando mother partied at the club with her boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro, all while two-year-old little Caylee was missing. 

The defense, however, claims that Casey's bizarre behavior stemmed from the fact that Caylee wasn't missing, but rather dead from drowning in the family pool and that she was taught to lie from a young age after being sexually molested by her father. Her father, George Anthony, denied the allegations of sexual abuse.

But prosecutors paint a very different picture of a woman, they say, knew exactly what she was doing.

"She could live the life she wanted without Caylee in the picture," prosecutors said during opening statements.  "She wanted the beautiful life."

Incidentally, the state claims that Casey made several appointments for tattoos while Caylee was gone for 31 days in the summer of 2008, and sources say that one of the tattoos refers to, "a beautiful life."

Casey's neighbor, Brian Burner, testified in court today that he saw Casey backing her car into the garage on June 18, 2008, shortly after Casey went missing. Casey claimed she was locked out of the shed and needed the shovel to get inside.

Burner said that Casey did not tell him her daughter was missing.

Then, there were the roommates of Casey Anthony's boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro, who were called as witnesses to talk about her behavior as she lived on and off with them at their apartment. 

Casey and Tony were dating during the summer of 2008 when Caylee Anthony went missing.

Tony testified about Casey telling him that she held down a job at Universal Studios, providing details and names of co-workers.

He also detailed stressful phone conversations between Casey and her mother, where she would often go outside to talk.

Tony's roommates, Cameron Campana and Nathan Lezniewicz, both testified to knowing Casey when she was staying at their apartment in Orlando. 

The two college students both said that Casey told them she worked for Universal in event planning and talked about "being stressed about work."

They also testified to knowing little Caylee.

Nathan testified, saying at one point, "I hadn't seen Caylee in a couple of weeks. I was told that Caylee was with the nanny."

But during opening statements on Tuesday, prosecutors maintain that there was no nanny and no job at Universal, that Casey was lying to everyone, pretending to have a job.

Jose Baez shot back, asking Cameron, "Were you ever at the Anthony home on June 16, 2008?" That was the day the defense claims that Caylee drowned in the family swimming pool.

"No," Nathan answered.

Prosecutors asked about the nights out when the students partied at an Orlando nightclub called Fusion with Casey. Prosecutors asked Nathan, "Did Casey ever look worried, scared?  Did she ever mention Caylee was missing?"

Nathan replied, "No." He went on to say, "She was just hanging around the apartment, happy, doing laundry."

Nathan testified that on July 15th, Cindy Anthony showed up at his apartment and told Casey to get her things.  She refused, he said, and said she'd talk with her mother, but not leave.

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