Arrested man: 48 beers was about 10 too many

3:37 PM, Jun 17, 2011   |    comments
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HUDSON, Florida (AP) -- A man told Pasco County Sheriff's deputies he had about 10 beers too many as he celebrated his birthday.

Fifty-eight-year-old James Taylor says he drank 48 beers on Thursday evening, prompting a stern lecture from a deputy for causing a disturbance at Hudson Beach.

Read: James Taylor's arrest affidavit (PDF)

Officials say Taylor, a transient, left the beach. But he came back, and officials say this time he caused such a ruckus that he scared a woman and her young grandchildren.

An arrest report states that Taylor exposed his genitals and "urinated in the middle of the sand."

He also continued to shout profanities.

A deputy returned to the beach, arrested Taylor and took him to the Land O'Lakes jail. He is charged with disorderly intoxication in a public place and causing a disturbance.

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