Casey Anthony Trial Update: Is Casey's defense team making sense?

6:35 PM, Jun 17, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - On Day 21 of the Casey Anthony murder trial, defense lawyers for the young mother are trying to poke holes in the prosecution's case.

But, is it working?

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Legal analysts say the defense team is trying to "muddy" the jury by comparing "apples to oranges."

Basically, the state claims that Casey suffocated Caylee with duct tape and then drove around with the child's rotting body in the trunk of her Pontiac Sunfire.

Prosecutors further claim that there was the presence of human decomposition in the form of a stain inside that trunk.

Analysts from the FBI confirmed that fact.  The state maintains it was Caylee's body.

Crime Scene Photos: Pictures from where Caylee Anthony's body was found (Caution: Some pictures may be considered graphic)

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However, defense witness Dr. Tim Huntington, a forensic entomologist from Nebraska took the stand today and tried to debunk that theory.

In fact, Dr. Huntington told the jury, "There's nothing that I can see that would indicate to me a decomposing body had been in this vehicle."

He further testified about blow flies that show up on dead bodies.

Dr. Huntington based his theory on an experiment he did in Nebraska where he did not see the same results as the prosecution's expert.

The bug expert from the state said that the flies found in Casey's trunk are attracted specifically to human decomposition and would not be there otherwise.

As the prosecution began objecting to Dr. Huntington's scope of testimony, Judge Belvin Perry became frustrated.

A brief break was taken and the jury was removed from the courtroom.

As Lead Defense Counsel Jose Baez began explaining to the judge how his witness was qualified, the Judge became angry and began questioning the witness himself.

Judge Perry asked Dr. Huntington, "What makes you qualified to talk about the stain and what you would expect to find? How do you relate that to this case if any?"

That's when the witness said he saw no evidence of decomposition in the trunk and that he outlined this theory in his report.

Dr. Huntington testified that the flies are attracted to a body very soon after death occurs, sometimes within minutes.

"I've seen flies there within 10 seconds," said Dr. Huntington.

Last weekend, an expert for the state, Dr. Neal Haskell, explained that a decomposing body was in Casey's trunk for several days prior to removal.

Dr. Haskell further stated that there was evidence which revealed that the body of Caylee was in the wooded area near the Anthony's home roughly six months prior to her remains being found December 11, 2008. 

Casey's defense attorneys mapped out their case in opening statements that a meter reader by the name of Roy Kronk got a hold of Caylee's body. 

The defense further claims that Kronk kept it for months before actually planting it in the wooded area in an effort to collect reward money when he told authorities.

On the first day of their case, defense attorneys began putting forth evidence with testimony from crime scene investigators and FBI forensics experts.

The defense's star witness, Dr. Werner Spitz, is expected to take the stand today.

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