Casey Anthony Trial: Is she crazy or crafty?

4:40 PM, Jun 27, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - The young Orlando mother has managed to do it again.

On Day 29 of her high-profile trial, Casey Anthony has seemingly shocked both legal analysts and trial-watchers alike.

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The 25-year-old underwent a competency hearing over the weekend after she reportedly suffered some sort of "breakdown" Friday night.

Based on communication with her attorney, sources say the 25-year-old's state of mind was called into question.

On Saturday Casey's defense team filed a two-page motion to conduct a competency hearing to see if she could continue with her trial.

Part of it read, "Counsel reasonably believes that Ms. Anthony is not competent to aid and assist in her own defense and is incompetent to proceed,"

10 News legal analyst Jay Hebert said, "The defense has an obligation to make sure their client is competent."

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After a two-day examination, two forensic psychologists and a psychiatrist deemed she was competent.

Each doctor examined Casey's ability to talk with her attorneys in a rational manner of understanding. Casey was also examined to see if she could understand the proceedings as well. 

The doctors also investigated Casey's ability to fully understand the legal process. They also looked at the way Casey behaves in court and whether or not she could testify in a relevant way.

Judge Belvin Perry asked the experts to submit to the court a written report of the findings.

This begs the question: is Casey crazy, or is she crafty and working the system?

On Monday morning, those in the courtroom say Casey was in an overly jovial mood. Some trial-watchers even described her as "flirty" as she sat at the defense table.

She was seen giggling, then laughing openly at one point, and raising her eyebrows up and down while she listened intently to a member of her defense team.

Monday's Casey was in sharp contrast to Friday's Casey. On Friday, the young woman was especially emotional during court proceedings after her brother, Lee, and her mother, Cindy, both testified about Caylee.

It all began when photographs of Caylee in the family swimming pool were shown. 

Cindy broke down as she described the pictures in detail. Then, Lee began sobbing on the stand as he told jurors that he felt left out of the family when Casey was pregnant.

"I was not included," he sobbed.

Casey was also seen crying as she listened to her family's testimony.  Those watching the trial say that Casey's emotions, which have been labeled many times as "crocodile tears," seemed to be genuine this time.

It was clear that Casey was affected by what she was hearing and seeing.

The news of Casey's competency hearing was released first thing Monday morning after an abrupt recess on Saturday.

Court ended early over the weekend, and no one could figure out why. The million dollar question has now been answered.

Dr. Daniel Tressler examined Casey late Saturday evening.  Dr. Harry McClaren interviewed her Saturday evening and Sunday.  Dr. Ryan Hall examined her on Sunday.

The details in the reports are sealed.  The only information released was the fact that she could continue in her trial.

10 News legal anaylst Jay Hebert said, "This trial is taking its stress on the Anthony family, specifically Casey. But, there's no first degree murder case that's held that doesn't take stress out of a person."

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