Shark jumps over surfer video

11:18 AM, Jun 29, 2011   |    comments
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Caught on tape: Video shows a 4-foot long spinner shark jumping a surfer off Panama City, Florida.


St. Petersburg, FL -- A photographer for the Orlando Sentinel has quite a fish tale to tell. He captured a shark jumping over a surfer at new Smyrna Beach.

The video seems to show a 4-foot black tip or spinner shark leaping out of the water over the unidentified surfer.

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the shark jumping over the surfer

But experts note a shark jumping out of the water is not uncommon, just that is was captured on video.

"We see it three or four times a day," Kem McNair told 10 News.

McNair has been surfing in the New Smyrna Beach area for 46 years, and a few years ago he captured three pictures of a shark jumping next to a surfer.

"I've had them jump out of the water right behind me and scare me half to death," he said.

Scientists say it's likely the shark was feeding on fish when it jumped out of the water, but Eric Hovland laughs at those who think it was going after the surfer.

"Not at all. If [the shark was,] he was doing a lousy job of it because he completely missed his target," Hovland said.

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