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Casey Anthony Trial: Did brother Lee Anthony fondle, leer at Casey

10:13 AM, Jun 29, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - In the saga of the Casey Anthony murder trial, another stunning moment of testimony came from the ex-fiance of Casey Anthony.

Jesse Grund took the stand at the end of the day.

The jury was taken out of the courtroom as he was called to proffer his testimony.

Grund told attorneys that he felt ill at ease with Lee Anthony and did not like being around him after Caylee was born.

Then, the bombshell dropped.

Grund made a statement that his ex-fiance Casey told him she did not want to have Caylee around her brother because Lee groped her in the middle of the night.

Grund added that Casey told him she saw her brother leering at her while she slept.

The defense has long since claimed that there was sexual abuse within the family with accusations against Lee and George Anthony molesting Casey.

So, who is Caylee's father?

Casey told Jesse Grund he was the dad. However, after a paternity test in 2005, the results showed that Grund was not the dad.

The state said previously it would not allow Jesse Grund to testify because this is hearsay. Baez requested of Judge Perry enough time to prepare an argument to allow Jesse Grund's testimony. The judge did not make a decision.

In a previous deposition, Grund said he did not think that Casey could ever hurt Caylee. In addition, he also remarked that he did not believe Casey could ever harm Caylee. If Caylee did die by accident, he added, he thought Casey would most likely not be able to handle it and would have lived in a world of denial.

A grief expert is expected Wednesday.

Judge Perry has yet to decide what testimony will be allowed from the expert.

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