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Casey Anthony Trial: CNN host Nancy Grace suspects Casey mouthed ''son of a bitch'' to dad George Anthony

9:18 PM, Jun 30, 2011   |    comments
Casey Anthony listens during testimony in her murder trial on Thursday, June 30, 2011.
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Orlando, Florida - It's been labeled the "Social Media Trial of the Century" by TIME Magazine.

No doubt the Orlando capital murder case has garnered an insatiable following among media, legal analysts and trial-watchers alike.

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People can't seem to turn away. If those watching the case closely have learned anything, it's to expect the unexpected.

Just when you think you've seen it all, something else happens, something more dramatic, something more sinister.

After all, the defense based its case on a theory of sexual molestation, family secrecy, partying and extramarital affairs. It sounds more like a movie-of-the-week, rather than a murder case.

If you described this trial to someone who had never seen or heard of it, that person might think you are making up the details.

The sordid nature of what's going on in this first degree murder case seems to suck people in and make them beg for more.

On the day that Krystal Holloway, also known as River Cruz, took the stand to reveal her "affair" with George Anthony, people were riveted to the television.

Crime Scene Photos: Pictures from where Caylee Anthony's body was found (Caution: Some pictures may be considered graphic)

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Krystal Holloway sold those details to the National Enquirer for $4,000. Those watching the trial wanted to hear the details of Holloway's testimony, things like, "[George] was in my bed."

But, the person seemingly sick of listening to the chain of events during her toddler's disappearance was the defendant herself.

Casey glared at her father, with hatred in her eyes.  Her stare was loaded with a clenched jaw beneath pursed lips.

As George Anthony broke down on the stand, sobbing and gulping for air, Casey tapped her pen incessantly on the defense table, clearly irritated at her dad's demise and testimony about his suicide attempt.

CNN talk show host Nancy Grace has covered the case in somewhat of a rabid fashion, devoting hours on her show to discussing the young mother who now bears the infamous moniker, "Tot Mom."

In true Nancy Grace fashion, the television show host revealed another bombshell on very day that the defense rested its case.

On the show tonight, Grace said that Casey was seen mouthing the phrase, "son of a bitch" in court, while staring down her father.

Grace even called in a body language expert to read Casey's lips and study her steely demeanor. Grace bellowed, "Tot mom called her own father 'son of a bitch' during court.  Look at her lips!"

When looking at the video, Casey's mouth movements look as though they may resemble the phrase.

Only she knows for sure.

Aside from her glare filled with fury, the 25-year-old was seen in court today quite "flirty," witnesses say. Casey beckoned to one of her attorneys with raised eyebrows, a curled finger and a slight, sly grin.

Then, Casey was seen placing her hands over her mouth as she laughed, again her eyebrows were raised.

Is this the facial expression of a young mother on trial for first degree murder, accused of suffocating her little girl with duct tape, after allegedly disabling the child with Chloroform?

Is this the facial expression of a mother who could be sentenced to death by lethal injection if she is convicted of first degree murder?

The same expressions were seen on her face just a few days ago. People noticed the raised eyebrows being lifted up and down, as if to signal a funny anecdote or flirty glance.

10 News legal analyst and well-known local defense attorney Jay Hebert said, "She is the director, producer and star of this reality show she believes she's in.  We need to remember at the heart of this case is a little girl who is no longer with us, and that's Caylee."

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