Dunkin Donuts cashier gives armed robber cash and two glazed donuts

3:58 PM, Jul 3, 2011   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- A man has been arrested for armed robbery after robbing a Dunkin' Donuts of an undisclosed amount of cash and two glazed donuts.

According to deputies, 27-year-old Michael John Ray entered the Dunkin' Donuts on Pasadena Ave. South in St. Petersburg just before 6:00 a.m. and demanded the cashier give him all of the money in the register. 

The cashier placed the money, and the two donuts, in a Dunkin' Donuts bag and gave it to the suspect, who then fled in a maroon, late model Hyundai with Connecticut plates.

Deputies later spotted a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot and confronted the occupant, who was trying to hide by leaning over in the front seat. The deputies recognized Ray from the cashier's description and, after he confessed to the robbery, took him into custody.

Ray says he committed the crime so that he could buy a new tire for his car.

The cashier told deputies she put the donuts in the bag with the cash, treating Ray like a customer, to not alarm or endanger other employees in the store and to get him out of the store.

The uneaten donuts were found in Ray's vehicle.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

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