Chilis serves kids tequila

4:24 PM, Jul 7, 2011   |    comments
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LONGMONT - A mother got more than she bargained for when a Chili's served her three children fruit smoothies with alcohol in them on Independence Day.

The mother was out with her three kids - all 8 or younger - on July 4 when the children got thirsty. They stopped in a Chili's and ordered three fruit smoothies.

After drinking them for a bit, her 8-year-old daughter started complaining of dizziness and stomach pain. The mom sampled the fruit smoothie and found that the drink was "loaded full of tequila." The mom says the amount was significant and was "probably enough to make [the mom] drunk."

The mother complained to the Chili's management, who called the fire department and EMTs. The medical officials arrived to test the children to make sure they were OK. According to the mother, the officials could not get a good breathalyzer reading on her kids either because they could not execute the test well enough due to their age, or because the alcohol had not yet metabolized.

The children were not hospitalized and were OK enough to attend the fireworks show later. However, the 8-year-old passed out at the park during the fireworks show and the 6-year-old son was "out of control," according to the mother. The 1-year-old did not seem to be greatly affected. The mother says she stayed up all night to make sure her kids were OK.

Longmont Police referred the case to the city prosecutor. According to police, the drinks were poured into kid's cups, so police believe there could be a level of negligence there. Police also mentioned that the server should have noticed the mistake, seeing as it was during peak hours at the business. No one has been officially charged.

The family has not decided whether or not they will press charges against Chili's. The mom says she is just frustrated and encourages all parents to check their kids' drinks when out at a restaurant.

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