Polk deputies break up prostitution ring using teenage girls

5:52 AM, Jul 15, 2011   |    comments
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Bartow, Florida - A Polk County school bus monitor and Haines City police officer are under arrest for their part in what deputies call a prostitution ring involving minors.

Sheriff Grady Judd says both men gave a "startling confession." Judd says 27 year old Paul Aaron Jr. picked up two runaway girls 14 and 15 years old in July 2009 and forced them into a life of prostitution until they escaped in February 2010.

During that time, Judd says Aaron would use his business Genuine Quality Entertainment and take the girls clubbing to Haines City at M&M Sports Bar on 611 Jones Avenue and Club City AKA Jamaican Lounge at 220 Railroad Avenue.

Judd says Aaron would have the girls turn tricks and sometimes the Johns would go back to Aaron's house. The sheriff told reporters during a press conference that Aaron charged between $20 and $100  for services. Judd says one of the Johns is now former Haines City Police Officer, 25, Demetrius Condry. One victim says she had sex with Condry nearly two dozen times, but detectives say Condry told them it happened only once. Sheriff Judd says once is one time too many.

The victims reportedly were "pimped" out according to Judd about 100 times. Judd says victim #1 told detectives Aaron forced her to have sex with him at least 50 times and victim #2 says she had sex with Aaron about 30 times.

According to detectives, the teenagers say Aaron kept them locked in a room, feed them only Ramon noodles and kept all the money they made. Aaron also reportedly threatened the girls. Judd says Aaron told the teens there were arrest warrants out for them and if they caused any trouble Officer Condry would take them to jail.

Aaron is charged with bribery of a law enforcement officer, procuring for prostitution a minor under 18 (2 counts), sex trafficking (2 counts), lewd and lascivious battery (3 counts) and unlawful sexual activity with a minor (2 counts).

Condry is charged with sexual battery by a law enforcement officer, lewd battery and official misconduct.

Judd says Aaron tried recruiting an 18 year old girl while working on a Polk County school bus as a monitor but when the girl came to his home and realized the type of work he was offering declined.

Judd says the "prostitution ring" was uncovered by the Winter Haven Police Department while officers investigated a missing person's case.

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