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Jose Baez: We want Casey Anthony to be safe

6:02 AM, Jul 19, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - It was the most popular 15 seconds of recent television. It went by in a flash and was watched by millions of people all over the country.

After 1,043 days of being behind bars, Casey Anthony was finally a free woman, with only $537 in her pocket from her jail account.

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As the clock struck 12:00 on Saturday night into Sunday morning, the world was watching the young Orlando mother. The 25-year-old was dressed in a hot-pink, Polo v-neck t-shirt with blue jeans, her hair pulled back in a bun.

Just hours before her release, Casey's lead attorney, Jose Baez, told 10 News, "We just want Casey to be safe."

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Baez strode ahead of his client in a protective way during her release, as the two walked out the front door into the darkness.

Some were shocked that Casey was so bold as to walk out the front door of the Orange County Jail, while dozens of protestors were waiting outside, some of them yelling, "Killer!"

Her release was swift and planned, with nothing left to chance, right down to the machine gun carried by the Orange County Sheriff's deputy, whom she told, "Thank you," as she walked out the door.

Shortly after her SUV was chased into the night, the media descended upon Orlando Executive Airport, where a private plane was waiting.

Baez sent Casey's parents, George and Cindy, a text letting them know that she's OK.

"She's safe," he wrote.

Most people were left to wonder, where in the world was Casey Anthony going?

There are reports of Ohio, where she has family. There were also reports of Puerto Rico. Some say her plane landed in Northern Arizona, specifically the town of Prescott, known for its treatment centers.

Her attorneys admit that they have entertained ideas of counseling for Casey after she was "caged like an animal" in jail for three years.

"She is a complex person," says her attorney Cheney Mason. "She has a whole new set of problems."

Offers for help are pouring into the offices of Casey's defense attorneys.

Mason also said, "You'd just be surprised the offers for help of mental health counseling.  Doctors, nurses, homes, ranches, farms and places to stay."

And, then there's the money. There are thousands of dollars worth of checks that have been sent to Casey by people she doesn't even know, like Kathy Lettice from Clearwater.

Lettice mailed money to the Orange County Jail for Casey.

Lettice said, "If I can be her friend, I'll be seen with her. I don't care, she deserves it."

10 News legal analyst Jon Douglas said, "She's just gotten out of jail, she's being sent money. It's a personal check."

Casey's first interview could be worth a million dollars. The first photograph of her could garner six figures, although she would never see any of that money.

However, it would further fuel her popularity.

Douglas says Casey's defense attorneys are doing the right thing by keeping those checks for now, knowing that they'll cash them for her when she needs it.

Douglas added, "In theory, the defense attorneys can hold onto that for her, until she determines where that needs to be dispersed. "

As for the pending civil lawsuits -- including one filed by Zenaida Gonzales, also known as "Zanny the Nanny," the woman Casey accused of kidnapping Caylee --  it could be years if and when any judgment would be brought against Casey and damages incurred.

Douglas said, "I can tell you in the state of Florida, our courts are backlogged. So if it's set for trial, you could be looking at years."

Casey is scheduled to appear in a deposition with Gonzales on October 8.

In short, Casey could make a lot of money for now before she would ever have to pay later.

Some P.R. specialists say that Casey would be set for a long time if she gets a million dollars for her first sit-down interview. Then, there could possibly a book deal or even a movie.

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