Lee Grace Dougherty, Ryan Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley apprehended in Colorado

5:09 PM, Aug 10, 2011   |    comments
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Three Florida siblings on the run from the law are in custody in Colorado, according to authorities.

A tweet from the Colorado State Patrol was first to get out word that 21-year-old Ryan Edward Dougherty, 26-year-old Dylan Dougherty Stanley and 29-year-old Lee Grace Dougherty were taken into custody after a high speed chase that ended in a crash Wednesday morning.

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The Pueblo Sheriff's Department says the trio was spotted trying to buy ammunition for an AK-47 at a Walmart sometime early Wednesday. A clerk, recognizing the suspects, told them they couldn't get the ammunition that same day, but could get it at another store. The clerk then called police.

Sheriff Kirk Taylor says later that morning, the small, white Subaru Impreza the siblings were last spotted in was seen at a gas station in Colorado City, near Interstate 25. The deputy who spotted them was in an unmarked car and began following them as they left the gas station, radioing for backup from the Colorado State Patrol.

A high-speed chase began at 9:36 a.m. local time.

Taylor says the more-than-20-mile chase ended on Interstate 25 near Walsenburg at 9:43 a.m. Taylor says speeds were over 100 mph at times, and shots were fired by the trio at authorities while driving.

Colorado State troopers deployed stop sticks, but the vehicle was traveling so fast that the suspects lost control. The car then drove off the side of the road, hit a guardrail and flipped over.

Lee Grace Dougherty then reportedly got out of the car and began shooting at police. Authorities say she was shot in the leg, but her injury is non-life threatening.

No officers were injured in the shootout.

According to the Pueblo Sheriff's Department, one of the men and Lee Grace Dougherty were arrested immediately after the shootout. The third sibling fled the scene on foot, but was captured at a nearby hotel.

All three were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries in the crash, and for Lee Grace's gunshot wound. They will then be booked into Pueblo County Jail.

The trio have been on the run since last week, when they allegedly opened fire on a Zephyrhills police vehicle, and then later robbed a bank in Georgia.

In a brief statement to 10 News, the trio's mother, Barbara Bell said, "I'm glad they were found. Thank you for expressing your concerns. I have to hang up now, we are expecting other calls about the kids."

A Nationwide Manhunt

The arrests come after "credible" sightings of the fugitives were made in Colorado.

A nationwide manhunt for the siblings began Aug. 2. The three are suspected of firing at least 20 shots at a Florida officer who tried to pull them over for speeding in a chase at speeds up to 100 mph.

Hours later, three people wearing masks robbed a bank in Valdosta, Ga., about 210 miles north. One robber brandished an AK-47 assault rifle while another was photographed by a security camera waving a machine pistol, the FBI said.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said Ryan Dougherty sent a cryptic text message to his mother while on the run.

"He's actually texted her in the past several days, saying at one point 'We all have to die,'" Nocco said. "We know they have an arsenal of weapons."

Nocco said investigators found an elaborate underground bunker at the house where the trio lived.

"Baddest of the Bad"

FBI spokesperson Dave Joly says they received tips from the community about the Dougherty Gang.

"Without the media and the help of the community, it would've been hard for us to solve this quickly," Joly said. "They were extremely dangerous. They've engaged law enforcement multiple times with weapons fire, and we and state patrol took fire [Wednesday] on I-25. They're the baddest of the bad."

"Ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to say we won," Sheriff Nocco said at a news conference following their capture. "We continuously said that if these three fugitives wanted a battle with law enforcement, we would win that battle. And that's what happened today."

He called the siblings "very, very dangerous people" and their capture a tremendous relief.

"It's uncommon that we would come across these three siblings who would have an arsenal and [are] not afraid to use it," he said.

Some of Nocco's deputies were expected to fly to Colorado on Wednesday night to interview the trio.

All three siblings have a troubled past. Ryan is a convicted sex offender, recently found guilty of sending explicit text messages to an 11-year-old girl. Lee Grace was recently charged with battery and hit and run, and posted online she "loves to shoot guys and wreck cars." Dylan has been charged with marijuana possession.

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