Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal ordered to pay over $800,000 to assistant

1:22 PM, Sep 23, 2011   |    comments
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New Port Richey, Florida - $820,000. That's how much a Pasco jury awarded an employee of Doctor Gunwant Dhaliwal who fondled his physician's assistants breasts while he was training her. 10 News Investigators first uncovered allegations against Dhaliwal by several women four years ago. Now in addition to the fine, Dhaliwal is facing jail time.

No comment is what Dhaliwal's attorney said after court as he tried to push us away from the Doctor. In fact we had to tell the attorney if he didn't take his hands off of us we would call a bailiff and ask that he be arrested for battery.

No comment was the order of the day for Dhaliwal who had his own problems with illegally using his hands. His former employee told a jury earlier in the week what happened as Dhaliwal was showing her how to perform dermabrasion treatments.

She says, "He entered into my shirt and then he entered into my bra and removed my breasts. He continued to fondle my breasts and my nipples with both hands."

But Dhaliwal wouldn't answer when we said to him outside the courthouse, "You've been convicted on criminal charges, as well as $800,000 in civil charges and you face other criminal charges, how can women feel safe going to your clinic?"

They can't feel safe according to the victim's attorney, Scott Borders.

We asked him,"Would you let your wife or daughter go to this doctor?" Borders emphatically replied, "Of course not I wouldn't let anybody go."

And Borders can't understand how Dhaliwal can still practice. He said, "I don't know how Doctors operate, but he were a lawyer he wouldn't have his license."

And while this civil verdict will cost Dhaliwal more than $800,000 his problems are far from over. He still faces 10 days in jail for his conviction in a criminal case in the spring and he will be back at the Pasco courthouse in another two weeks to face more criminal charges for touching women's breasts.

And when we tried one more time to get a response by asking Dhaliwal "So you have nothing to say to the women who have alleged you damaged them by physically assaulting them and touching their breasts" He just walked away.

But the jury had more than 800,000 things to say about the doctor who thought he could take liberties with patients and employees are getting away with it.

We contacted the Florida Department of Health and asked what they are going to do about Dhaliwal, but did not get a response, nor did the department respond to our question about lack of acting against the Doctor when we first brought it to the department four years ago.

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