Gov. Scott "flip flops" in test

7:46 PM, Oct 6, 2011   |    comments
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott
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  • St. Petersburg, Florida -- One of the big promises Governor Rick Scott made on the campaign trail was to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in Florida.  But the folks at say he's changing his tune now that he's in office.

    "Let's Get to Work" was candidate Rick Scott's campaign slogan. And he had a plan to bring more jobs to the Sunshine State.  His 7-7-7 Plan had seven steps to create 700,000 jobs in seven years.

    At the time, state economists were already predicting an increase of a million jobs through normal growth.  Reporters covering Scott asked him to clarify his number.

    "These smart reporters when to Rick Scott on his campaign bus and said, 'Hey, if the state if going to create a million jobs, what's your 700,000 mean?" said Aaron Sharockman, editor for PolitiFact Florida.

    In a video shot on that bus, Scott told reporters the 700,000 figure would be in addition to the million projected by economists.  He repeated that in a debate with Democrat Alex Sink.

    But PolitiFact says that Scott is now backing down on that promise.

    "He's essentially trying to make the suggestion that his plan is 700,000 private sector jobs and it's on top of normal growth," said Sharockman.  "But now what he's saying is that there is no normal growth. Normal growth is zero essentially. We're not creating jobs, the economists are wrong.  The state economists that he's employing are wrong."

    PolitiFact won a Pulitzer Prize for finding the truth in American politics. And it grades the governor's promises on its "Scott-o-Meter" scale, which includes those that are kept and those that are broken.  The jobs promise earned Governor Scott a "Full Flop" from PolitiFact.

    "No doubt about it in our minds," said Sharockman. "He was saying something completely different in July and October of 2010 compared to what he's saying today."


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