Michael Lohan denied bail during court appearance

6:52 PM, Oct 29, 2011   |    comments
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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. -- The father of actress Lindsay Lohan faced a dramatic day during his appearance in a Hillsborough County courtroom on Saturday.

At issue: whether Michael Lohan had called his ex-fiancee, Kate Major, after she was granted a temporary restraining order against him.

Lohan has been arrested twice in the last week, first over accusations that he harmed Major, then over charges that he violated the restraining order and resisted arrest.

On Saturday morning, Lohan appeared before a judge through a television monitor. He sat in a wheelchair, the result of hurting himself after jumping off a third-story balcony as Tampa Police officers responded to the situation earlier this week.

Lohan's attorney, Mike Perry, urged him not to make a statement in court, but he went against that advice.

"Your Honor, I did not call her from my cell phone, not once," Lohan told Circuit Court Judge Denise Almeida-Pomponio. "As God as my witness, Kate had called us...she had called David's and my cell phone four or five times when I first got out of jail."

Tampa Police Officer John Ladd had reviewed Major's phone records and told Almeida-Pomponio that calls from Lohan's personal number showed up several times. At one point, Officer Ladd said he had Major answer Lohan's call on speakerphone to indicate that he was the person on the other end of the line.

"The officer was there, the phone rang, and it doesn't matter whether [Major] had called [Lohan] 10 times before because it's his responsibility not to call her," Judge Almeida-Pomponio said.

After a first appearance that lasted more than 20 minutes, Lohan was denied bail. For Major, that comes as a relief.

"I'm thrilled. I can sleep at night knowing that he's in jail," she said.

But Perry believes Major has a motive.

"I think it's about money," Perry told reporters. "Ms. Major is trying to make money off this and get publicity."

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