Another Bogus Buttocks case has Tampa Connection

8:40 PM, Nov 21, 2011   |    comments
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Oneal Ron Morris (photos courtesy Miami Gardens PD)


Tampa, Florida -- It's another case of a botched buttocks with ties to Tampa.

This time a Miami-area woman looking for a cheap enhancement instead got sickened by a phony doctor who police say used a chemical cocktail difficult to fathom.

Investigators arrested Oneal Ron Morris, 30, for posing as a doctor. She'd been on the run for about a year.

Morris, who was born a man but identifies himself as female, is accused of filling a woman's buttocks with a toxic combo of cement, mineral oil, and even flat tire sealant.

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Sgt. Bill Bamford with the Miami Gardens police department says it didn't take long for the patient to realize something was not right.

"A short time later, she develops serious pains in her abdomen,  throughout her body," said Bamford, "She knows something's wrong."

Detectives say Morris had apparently performed a similar surgical procedure on herself. Her mug shot shows her with a small frame, and a disproportionately sized backside.

The victim in this case, who has still not been identified, eventually ended up at Tampa General Hospital. Doctors tipped off police.

"That cocktail had serious complications, serious effects on this young lady," said Bamford.

Zakiya Teagle and her friend Andrea Lee Mingo, both from Tampa, can't believe people still take such a chance.

"I would think they wouldn't do it," said Teagle, speaking from experience.

Both women still suffer from their own derriere disasters nearly three years ago.

Coincidentally, they were in Hillsborough County court Monday, seeking restitution from Sharhonda Lindsay. Lindsay is accused of giving the two women illegal buttocks injections.

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"You never know if it will affect us later," said Mingo. "We still have complications and people just don't take heed to things that are being done."

In their case, Teagle and Mingo also got sick. They were hospitalized for close to a month. Both say their ability to earn a living is still affected by the toxins, which give them pain. With medical bills mounting, they want Lindsay to pay more.

Teagle, owed more then $100,000 in restitution, showed us a check sent by Lindsay through the Department of Corrections. The amount: less than $10.

"The restitution that we're receiving, we can't even afford the meds we need to survive," said Teagle.

Such phony physician horror stories are not that common, say police, but clearly still occur. The warning?

"Just be yourself. Just be happy with what you have," says Teagle.

"It's just crazy," said Bamford. "If you're gonna have medical procedures done, find a licensed physician, go to a licensed facility and get the proper medical treatment."

Monday's restitution hearing went nowhere fast. The judge quickly granted Lindsay more time, moving the hearing to January 23rd.

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