Governor Rick Scott made 57 promises on the campaign trail, how many of those did he keep?

5:28 PM, Jan 9, 2012   |    comments
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Gov. Rick Scott

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - As Governor Rick Scott puts the finishing touches on his second state of the state address, how did he do in his first year in office? He made a lot of promises on the campaign trail, so along with PolitiFact Florida, 10 News is checking to see if Scott is keeping those 57 promises, including the most important one: creating jobs.

While running for office, Governor Rick Scott made some very specific promises, making it easy for Aaron Sharockman and fact checkers at PolitiFact to keep tabs.

"We're going to track him over the course of his first term, how he lives up to the promises he made on the campaign trail versus how he's now governing it now in the governor's mansion," says Sharockman.

Scott's being ranked on PolitiFact's "Scott-O-Meter," and for his first year, he's kept 1/3 of those promises. He's not taken a governor's salary, he's sold the state planes, and said he would fight amnesty.

Of the 57 promises, 19 are what PolitiFact Florida considers a "promise kept."

"It shows his successes and he did try to...he has tried to govern on the platform that he campaigned," says Sharockman.

But what about that big promise, the one to create 700,000 jobs over seven years? When Scott campaigned, he said he'd create those jobs over what economists predicted would naturally occur, which is about one million jobs over those same seven years.

Sharockman says he was very specific in how he would do it. "I'm going to get 100's of 1,000's of jobs by reducing state's corporate income tax, I'm going to get 100's of 1000's of jobs by reforming the regulatory climate in this state."

Sharockman says that's now changed. He says the governor is taking credit for any and every job that comes into this state, which in 2011 was 100,000.

"At PolitiFact, we look at that and say,'That's not what you campaigned on.' Two things: one, that it'd be on top of what economists already projected and it'd be because of specific other promises that you made," says Sharockman.

He says those specific promises aren't really happening yet, therefore PolitiFact rates Scott: Stalled.

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