Triplets trial: Surviving sisters take the stand in case against Betty Jo Tagerson

11:54 AM, Jan 24, 2012   |    comments
Surviving triplet Isabella Rossman takes the stand in the trial of Betty Jo Tagerson.
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New Port Richey, Florida -- The trial for the woman accused of running over a group of girls in Hudson and killing one continued Tuesday, with the surviving triplets taking the stand.

Photo Gallery: Surviving sisters take stand

Betty Jo Tagerson is charged with vehicular homicide in the case.

The triplets were all playing in their Hudson front yard in November of 2010, when deputies say Betty Jo Tagerson drove into the yard and hit and killed Delaney Rossman. Her triplet sister, Gabrielle, was seriously injured along with another friend. The third triplet, Isabella, was not seriously injured.

The triplets were 5 years old at the time. Now Isabella and Gabrielle are telling jurors about that day. Additionally, their friend who was injured in the crash, Marissa Manuli, also testified Tuesday.

Tagerson's lawyer claims she suffered a medical condition that causes blackouts, and her first episode took place the day of the accident.

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