Romney rallies supporters in Dunedin

10:14 PM, Jan 30, 2012   |    comments
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Chris Heimburger is mixing a passion for politics with a love for quilting.

DUNEDIN, Fla. -- Chris Heimburger is mixing a passion for politics with a love for quilting.

What does the outcome look like? A red, white, and blue quilt with various designs, Mitt Romney's name engraved in the middle, and hundreds of handwritten messages of support surrounding it.

She's not affiliated with his campaign at all, but she wanted to find a creative way to express her support.

"It's a way for people who support Mitt, who attend the rallies, to have their name on a quilt that we hope will make it to the White House," she told fellow Romney supporters before the candidate's Monday afternoon rally at Pioneer Park in Dunedin.

The quilt is making its first stops in Florida before each of Romney's rallies ahead of Tuesday's primary. Romney himself has already signed the quilt. Heimburger, who's from the Houston area, hopes to be able to give it to him in the days after the primary.

Signatures have already come from pilots and educators, from Illinois to Colorado, to the rally in Dunedin, where Romney was welcomed with thunderous applause.

"I want to make sure we remain the great nation we've been," Romney told supporters.

His speech was aimed not so much at Newt Gingrich, but at President Obama.

"He has failed us," Romney said of the president. "He did not cause the recession, but he made it worse."

Romney criticized what he sees as restrictive access to gas resources.

"On day one, I will issue licenses to drillers that have already been approved," said Romney. "Let's start getting our oil and gas, take advantage of our natural resources to be energy secure."

He also questioned the government's role in health care reform, even as fellow Republicans have criticized him for enacting a health care plan while governor of Massachusetts.

"My view is the right course, is not to have Obamacare, but to repeal Obamacare and I will return health care to the American people where it belongs," he said to the crowd, which cheered in support.

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