Police: Man claims he was forced to rob Amscot

7:27 AM, Feb 6, 2012   |    comments
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Orlando, FL (WKMG) -  When Omeil Nevarez-Ramos heard about the robbery at his neighborhood Amscot, he thought it sounded like something out of a movie.

"Hostages, family, and then going to a bank. I've lived here for 16-years and I've never heard anything slightly Hollywood around here," Nevarez-Ramos said.

He's talking about a home invasion robbery that led to a hostage situation, and then a robbery at the Hunter's Creek cash-advance store. Osceola County sheriff's deputies said a house on Oakbrook Court near Kissimmee was stormed by robbers, who tied up several family members.

Investigators said the suspects then ordered the Amscot employee to return to where he worked, break in, and steal cash. During the robbery a bag was left behind, leading deputies to call in the Orange County bomb squad to make sure it wasn't dangerous.

"It was an abundance of caution," said Capt. Angelo Nieves, an Orange County Sheriff's Office spokesman.

Detectives said no one was injured during the home invasion or the Amscot robbery. The family was able to untie themselves, according to deputies.

Neither Sheriff's Office would say how much money was stolen. But there's a reward available for information leading to the arrest of the suspected hostage takers and robbers. Crimeline is offering $5,000, and the Amscot store owner is adding another $10,000.


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