USF Budget Battle: Students head to Tallahassee to protest

12:23 PM, Feb 15, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Fla. -- As lawmakers prepare to vote in Tallahassee, so too are members of USF's student government.

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On Tuesday night, they passed a strongly-worded resolution opposing a proposed budget that would cut USF funding by nearly 60 percent.

"I hope you all understand the significance and the real ramifications of this. This is not a joke," said USF Student Body President Matt Diaz during an address to fellow members of student government.

Diaz is among those leading the charge, firing up students for a fight in Tallahassee.

"Students have been speaking about it, tweeting about it, putting it on Facebook. It's the first time I've seen the entire university behind an issue."

On Wednesday morning, students will travel to Tallahassee. Those who can't make it in person are putting their thoughts on paper. Diaz says he hopes to e-mail hundreds of hand-written letters from students to each member of the state house and senate.

Students say they realize the proposed cuts are far from final. Still, Diaz and others are determined to make sure state lawmakers hear their young voices now, before it could be too late.

"When we're...spat on by our legislators and they don't think we're worth the investment, it's time for us to go up there and tell them we are worth the investment."

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