Coast Guard rescues 3 people from capsized boat in Gulf of Mexico

2:10 PM, Feb 20, 2012   |    comments
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Three boaters are placed in an ambulance after they were rescued by the Coast Guard in the Gulf of Mexico.

Clearwater, Florida - Three men are safe Monday morning after spending several hours stranded in the Gulf of Mexico.

The men reportedly left from Cedar Key on Sunday and one of their wives called the Coast Guard after not hearing back from them.

After more than seven hours of searching, rescuers found the men early Monday morning. They were on top of the hull of their capsized boat, about two miles offshore south east of Atsena Otie Key.

A rescue swimmer was lowered and plucked all three from their capsized vessel.

They were flown to the Coast Guard station in Clearwater. No injuries are reported, but EMS was on scene to make sure they are OK.

"This case could have turned out differently," Richard Hutchinson, a Coast Guard search and rescue coordinator, said in a press release. "These mariners are lucky to be alive. A case like this highlights how fast an emergency at sea, even one close to shore, can turn into a life or death situation."

Coast Guard officials say the men had no motor, lights or emergency equipment on board.

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