Florida unlicensed activity warning comes after 10 News Investigators story

10:22 AM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
Unlicensed movers found on MovingHelp.com taped loading a U-Haul truck during 10 News undercover sting.
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After a 10 News Investigators story exposed U-Haul pushing the services of movers not licensed by the correct state agency, another department is issuing a warning about unlicensed professionals.

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Secretary Ken Lawson penned an op-ed, appearing in the Tampa Tribune Sunday, writing, "state licenses are important because they offer consumers and the general public reassurance that the person holding that license has been trained and meets the standard requirements for working in a specific field."

The column also warned that "as Florida continues to face economic challenges, the number of times unlicensed activity takes place may increase. Unlicensed activity occurs when an individual offers to perform or performs services that require a state license and the individual does not hold the required license. In the Tampa Bay area alone, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation received more than 270 complaints about unlicensed activity just in the past seven months.

"This unregulated and illegal activity can threaten the livelihood of licensed professionals and can also pose serious personal or financial harm to consumers. Every time unlicensed activity occurs, a licensed professional loses work that he or she might otherwise have been asked to perform. Additionally, unlicensed individuals often do not have the education, insurance or qualifications required of a licensed professional, therefore work performed may be substandard and could cause much worse than a case of buyer's remorse.

"Floridians can help protect the jobs of licensed professionals and the safety of consumers by notifying the Department of Business and Professional Regulation of any suspected unlicensed activity.

Floridians can submit complaints to ULA@dbpr.state.fl.us or report them by phone to (866) 532-1440.

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