USF students go old school to win budget battle

7:01 PM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Fla. -- Facing massive proposed budgets by Florida lawmakers, University of South Florida students are turning back the clock to get some attention in Tallahassee.

Hundreds of students are hand-writing letters to state legislators.

"It's been a long time," USF student Brittany Cobb says about the last time she wrote out a letter. "To see our generation take on writing letters and kind of going old school, taking that time out of our day, it's really impactful."

Students have a tent set up near the library to collect letters and are going around campus with envelopes filled with blank letters. They are asking professors to give students five minutes to fill one out.

USF student Jack LoBianco thinks it's much more effective than sending an email or filling out a petition online. "They see probably thousands of template letters every single day and they just throw them away," he said.

Student body president Matt Diaz wants his peers to do their homework and write down personal stories of how the budget cuts could affect them.

"We're as much citizens and voters as any other person in the state, so we should have an equal voice," Diaz said. "These letters are important. They're going to make a difference."

Students hope to collect at least 1,500 letters by Monday. They plan to make copies for as many state legislators as possible, especially for those in leadership roles or on budget committees.

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