Hacked street sign with Trayvon Martin hate message

7:10 AM, Apr 10, 2012   |    comments
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Detroit, MI - A computerized road construction sign was hacked in Michigan, to send a racially charged message about Trayvon Martin.

The note described the dead Florida teen as the N-word.
Shawn Key has the latest on the investigation.  

MDOT says 50,000 drivers see this sign on I-94 at addison every day.

People who saw the sign slammed on their brakes and couldn't believe it. Someone was somehow able to change the traffic message to Trayvon a ... and then in bright orange letters, display the n-word for all to see.

Elaine bonner saw the sign, called 911. "When I saw it I was mortified. I said "No the didn't" and I told my friend I said turn around i don't believe this."

MDOT's Rob Morosi says there's evidence the road sign was broken in to. The signs are usually password protected, but he says someone with computer knowledge would be able to figure out how to change the sign.

Overnight, the state police got MDOT to come out and quickly remove the hate message. Both MDOT and the state police are asking anyone who may have seen someone or a car at the sign to give them a call. 

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