Police continue to look for addtional suspects in South Tampa beating

6:11 AM, May 21, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Fla. -- A brutal attack caught on camera at Renellie Drive and Iowa Avenue in South Tampa is a shock to the neighbors of suspect Geroshe Lewis.

"I never actually thought that he would do something like that," says Chris Myers, who went to Robinson High School with Lewis.

Thanks to tips from the community, police were able to arrest Lewis on Friday, along with fellow 18-year-old Lerome Howard. Police say they are two of the men in a video caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera. In that video, you can see four men beating and kicking Army Staff Sgt. Johnny Aparicio before stealing his wallet and cell phone.

"He never struck me as a troublesome kid or anything," says neighbor David Pettit.

"He was a pretty good kid. I didn't think he would get in trouble like that," agrees Myers.

They describe Lewis as a laid-back high school senior who occasionally got into trouble.

"I'd say hi to the kid," Pettit said. "He was a Steelers fan, I'd talk football with him."

Police are hoping people will pay close attention to the video, since it's the most promising tool for catching the two suspects still on the loose. Lt. Mary O'Connor reminds people that the two men on the streets are considered to be as violent and dangerous as the two men who have been arrested. 

"When you see the shock value of that video, when you see how viciously attacked this victim was, it puts everybody on alert that we have to get these people off the street," she says. "We'd like to find the other two. We're not going to give up until we do."

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