Coast Guard suspends search for missing boaters

11:27 PM, May 19, 2012   |    comments
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HUDSON, Fla. - Coast Guard officials said they have suspended the search overnight for five missing boaters off the coast of Hudson Beach. They sent out a notice to boaters, asking them to keep an eye out on the water.

Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife crews searched for hours Saturday in between Hudson Beach and Hernando Beach. The Coast Guard alone had four boats, two choppers, and a plane. FWC had multiple units as well.

According to officials, at 1 a.m the Coast Guard got distress calls relayed to them from a commercial shrimp facility. They said the calls came from a boat two miles north and five miles west of Hudson Beach. The boaters claimed to have hit a rock and said they'd started taking on water.

We're told they then put on life jackets and went into the water.

Rescue crews said they are very concerned for the two adults and three children, who may be dealing with hypothermia, high waves, and even sharks. Officials do remain hopeful, however, that they'll find the family.

Coast Guard officials said they will re-evaluate the search Sunday morning.

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