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Missing Orlando mother Michelle Parker has "dream team" take a second look at case

6:13 PM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Missing Florida Woman Michelle Parker
Michelle Parker (personal photo)



Orlando, Florida - It's been an incredibly difficult journey for Yvonne Stewart.

She is the mother of missing Orlando mom, Michelle Parker, who disappeared last November after an episode of The People's Court where the 34-year-old appeared during a dispute over an engagement ring.

So far, the case has grown cold.  Until now.

There is now a "dream team" of sorts taking a second look at the case.  Orlando Police call it a "fresh approach."

Photo Gallery: Missing woman Michelle Parker

The team of 45 people met at FDLE in Orlando Thursday for an hour, talking about Michelle's disappearance.  At that forum, there were experts from all walks of life - detectives, attorneys and crime lab technicians, to name a few.

Michelle's mother was sobbing, wracked with both grief and anger.  She was shaking and crying as she addressed the room, "My frustration lies in the fact that I'm a mother, this is my firstborn child and I don't know where she is, and I don't know who did it for sure."

It was a mother's tearful plea for her daughter's safe return, knowing the truth and fearing the worst

She begged, "If there's anybody out there who has any idea where Michelle might be, Please call crime line."

That number is 1-800-423-TIPS.

"They're looking for any way to move the case forward," said longtime homicide Detective Michael Bailey from the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

He knows all about being on a panel like this.  Detective Bailey has been a part of several forums just like these.

Detective Bailey said, "It's a major doing to put one of these together, to get everyone together at the same time, to present this.  I'm sure this a major priority for them over there, so more than likely trying to bring this together. And, you want to pull all the stops out."

So far, Orlando detectives have recovered Michelle's phone and her car, but nothing else.

Now, they're focus is her fiance, Dale Smith, Jr., the prime suspect in the case, and the father of her twins.

Chief Paul Rooney from Orlando Police said, "It makes it difficult because all we're trying to do is connect the dots. And there's just a few more dots to connect to resolve this."

Detective Bailey says, "It's all part of thinking outside the box."

He says it's worth it to be on forums like this one, knowing that other experts may shed light on something that could be the one clue they need.

"When you have very limited information or limited evidence, it's a very good thing to do," said Detective Bailey.

Detective Bailey has served on forums as far away as Philadelphia. He says it is a good way to not only solve cases, but make contacts with law enforcement all over the world.

Meanwhile, the team in Orlando plans to meet again in the future. It is wonderful news for Michelle's mother who just wants her daughter found.

If you know where Michelle Parker is, please call 1-800-423-TIPS.

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