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Police dog called to testify in traffic case

8:37 AM, May 25, 2012   |    comments
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PUNTA GORDA Fla. (WINK) - For all intents and purposes, things went pretty smoothly in Judge Peter Bell's courtroom Thursday. That is, until Rodney McGee showed up.

After having his case number called, McGee almost immediately asked the court for an extension because everyone was not present.

"I demand Officer Azor K9 be present," McGee demanded as K9 Deputy Azor was brought into the courtroom behind him.

"They told me they weren't going to allow him," said McGee, who was a bit shocked himself to see a dog in the courtroom.

McGee had sent the dog a subpoena to testify in his defense for a citation for failing to use his turn signal back in February.

Azor's handler Deputy Franko had brought the dog to McGee's traffic stop thinking McGee had drugs, but the search came up clean.

"I was hoping that they would let me plant marijuana in the courthouse to see if he could find drugs," said McGee.

Judge Bell did now allow that motion and probably for the better, because when WINK News spoke with Deputy Azor before the hearing, he did not seem to have much to say.

Ultimately, McGee lost his battle and was fined $300 for failing to use his turn signal, but he says that's OK, he knows he made history Thursday.

"I'm the first one in Charlotte County to subpoena a K9 Officer," said McGee.

Deputy Azor just racked it up as another dog day afternoon. 


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