UPDATE Report: Crist paid men to hide gay affair

11:13 PM, Jun 8, 2012   |    comments
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UPDATE: Charlie Crist contacted Mike Deeson late Friday evening and said that the statements from Greer are "a bunch of delusional lies."

Crist added that Greer's attorney wanted him to change his affidavit about his knowledge of Greer's compensation for fundraising. Crist was adamant that he wasn't going to do it and only going to tell the truth.

Crist said the tactics amount to either witness tampering or extortion.

Tallahassee, Florida - 10 News has learned of allegations of homosexual affairs, a governor trying to kiss another man, and drunken escapades by former Governor Charlie Crist. 

These allegations come in the form of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Investigative Report in the Republican Party Chair Jim Greer saga.

Jim Greer is facing criminal charges and is set to go to trial on July 30 for allegedly paying himself to raise money for the Republican Party of Florida. Greer maintains that former Governor Charlie Crist approved the deal.

Now, discovery documents released point to allegations that as Governor, Crist paid two men to leave the state to hide his homosexuality and that he was a drunk and a liar.

The allegations come from Damon Chase, Jim Greer's attorney. Chase told John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan where Charlie Crist works, that if had to depose the former Governor, Crist would be embarrassed by the following issues:

- Charlie Crist is a homosexual and had homosexual relationships with at least two men who were paid to leave the state to avoid embarrassing then Governor Crist.

- Charlie Crist attempted to kiss Greer at a hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

- Governor Crist had drunken escapades and his security detail had to cover for him.

- Charlie Crist attempted to run over people while he was intoxicated and operating a golf cart.

Morgan responded saying that even if Crist was a homosexual, it had nothing to do with the case, and the allegations were just were just an attempt to embarrass Crist.

In addition, Morgan said if the former Governor were a homosexual he would have to be a 'sick s.o.b. to try to kiss Porky the Pig' which was a reference to Greer.

Morgan also said the allegations were similar to a cheap lawyer trick, asking when did you stop beating your wife or asking when was the last time he had sexual intercourse although he used a more crude term "with your neighbor's sheep".

Chase responded by saying that Crist is a liar and trying to make Greer the fall guy.

We tried to reach the former governor by cell and texted him to get a response and we have not heard back.

Greer is supposed to go to trial July 30 but many believe the Republican Party doesn't want to happen because there could be many more embarrassing allegations mostly about lying and excessive spending by party leaders including house speaker Dean Cannon, Senate president Mike Haridopolos, State Senator John Thrasher, former Senator George LeMieux and U.S. Senate Marco Rubio.

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