Exciting News!

11:52 AM, Jun 14, 2012   |    comments
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We have VERY exciting news to share with everyone......ITS A BOY!!!!! We are soooooo excited!!!! We are still in disbelief. Mark asked the sono tech if she was sure....and explained to her hat we have three daughters already, and then continued to ask her at lest 8-10 times if she was sure.......all while I'm laying there with tears pouring from my eyes from overwhelming joy!!! LOL!!! I was SO pulling for my husband to finally get his boy, I actually wore all blue to this sonogram, as to where with our oldest and the twins sonogram, I wore all pink!! We both had a feeling we were having a boy though.....this pregnancy has been SO incredibly different than my other two pregnancies. Not in bad ways.....just my pregnancy symptoms with a boy, are the complete opposite of what they were with my girls. Speaking of our girls, I cannot even put into words how over the top excited they were with the news!! All three were hoping for a baby brother, our oldest twin Palmer told us we should have a boy because she already has enough sisters....LOL!! I called our oldest daughter Brittany right after the sonogram and told her the news over the phone, I'm pretty sure I now have permanent hearing loss in my right ear from her screaming so loud with excitement!!!! Both sets of grandparents were called immediately after getting off the phone with Brittany to tell them the exciting news, which as you can imagine...they were just as excited to hear they were having a grandson!! After that, I headed over to the party store and bought two huge bunches of balloons with one of the balloons in the shape of a giant stroller and said ITS A BOY on it. I took them up to Palmer and Bella's school at lunch time. When I walked into the cafeteria.....all the kids started screaming and jumping up and down with excitement for Palmer and Bella....even the lunch ladies came out of the kitchen to see what all the excitement was about....I had NO clue it was gonna cause so much chaos...thankfully I know the staff at the school really well and they weren't surprised that all this craziness in there cafeteria was caused by a Baldyga...LOLOLOL!!! To be honest, my husband and I have had a perma grin on our faces since we heard the news, and with this being our last pregnancy, we could not have asked for a better way to end this chapter in our lives, than with a precious baby boy!


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