Voices of New Orleans: New Orleans 6 Months After Katrina

11:02 AM, Dec 4, 2006   |    comments
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2006 Emmy Winner: General Assignment Report (no time limit)
Preston Rudie, Bert Moreno

New Orleans, La. - When Evelyn Daniel returns to the lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, she looks around in amazement.

Evelyn Daniel, Former New Orleans Resident:
"I'm still in shock. I can't believe the devastation. It looks like Hiroshima."

The house Evelyn called home for the past 40 years was wiped out following Katrina. All that's left is a cement slab.

Evelyn Daniel, Former New Orleans Resident:
"Everything is gone. I don't even know what happened to the building itself. This is all that is here."

Six months after Katrina, large sections of New Orleans, including the lower 9th Ward, have essentially been untouched. To date, the city's largest utility says 66 percent of the buildings in New Orleans are still without power. Thousands of damaged cars litter the city and more than a dozen hospitals remain closed. Several may never reopen.

Evelyn Daniel, Former New Orleans Resident:
"It's going to take years to bulldoze all this despair."

Evelyn is now living in Baton Rouge and says she doesn't plan on returning to New Orleans, because she says it will take years to bring the city back.

Most businesses in The French Quarter are now back open and a handful of neighborhoods have few physical scars from the disaster. But with tens of thousands of residents like Evelyn yet to return, the city's future is still very much unclear. Many believe the road to recovering will take decades, not just years.

Eve Dalmes, New Orleans Resident:
"To me, you're looking at about 20 years before New Orleans comes back to what it was again."

Here are the pictures and the people of The Big Easy

Photo Gallery: Day 2 in New Orleans - More than 100 new images taken by Executive Producer Marvin Tarver after arriving in New Orleans with reporter Preston Rudie and photojournalist Beth Weber. The pictures show the devastation Katrina left, the relief efforts underway by the government, and the victims who still remain in the Crescent City.
Photo Gallery: On the scene in New Orleans (09/03/05)

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