TS Debby downs trees in St. Pete, roof in Clearwater

4:47 PM, Jun 24, 2012   |    comments
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ST. PETERSBURG-- Tropical Storm Debby downed trees and power lines in the Tampa Bay area on Sunday, along with flooding numerous roads, and causing at least one roof to partially collapse.

One large tree came down right on top of Bryan Melland's mobile home.

"I heard a crack and I heard dishes breaking and I came out and the tree was through my kitchen and my patio," he said.

Melland is actually a storm chaser who just spent two weeks in Oklahoma without seeing any damage. Turns out he didn't need to leave his living room.

"It sucks," he said laughing.

Things were even worse at Kaileb Adams and his family's Clearwater apartment.

They woke up to find part of the ceiling coming down on top of them. "It was just like a big bang and then clutter all over the place," he said.

Injuries to his mom and brother were bad enough to send them to the hospital.

Authorities were still investigating if Sunday's heavy rains were directly to blame.

Flooding also caused several streets to be shut down in the Shore Acres area of St. Petersburg.

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