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Sheriff: Money, broken marriage led to Aimee Streeter shooting Tabarri Clayton and Janice Lucas

10:15 AM, Jul 17, 2012   |    comments
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Shooting suspect Aimee Streeter


Lakeland, Florida - Polk County deputies say a Lakeland couple was shot in their home by the man's soon-to-be ex-wife.

Tabarri Clayton, 36, is in satisfactory condition but his fiancee Janice Lucas, 35, is barely hanging on to life at Lakeland Medical Center.

Within 12 hours of the shooting, deputies found the woman they say is responsible: 33-year-old Aimee Streeter was arrested back in her Alabama home.

"She planned this out. Her mental state from my experience is that of one mad woman angry about something," says Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Judd says that something is money and a broken marriage.  "That's the face of someone who tried to murder two people," says Judd.

Judd says Streeter traveled from Alabama on Sunday and scoped out her ex and his fiancee's new 5,000 square-foot home in Lakeland. Judd says she broke into the house and waited for them to arrive from church around 10:30 Sunday night.

Judd says Streeter hid in the hallway and waited. Lucas arrived home first.

"Janice Lucas was shot five times, once in the chest, once in the abdomen, once in each leg and once in the arm," says Judd.

While Lucas played dead, Judd says Streeter then waited for Clayton to arrive home. When he did, she allegedly shot him in the back. Clayton was able to escape and run for help.

Judd says, "He screams, 'Call 911! I've been shot! I've been shot!'"

Judd says Clayton and Lucas had been old flames. Their daughter from a relationship 16 years ago became ill and died last year. Lucas and her former husband won a multi-million dollar settlement related to her treatment.

Judd explains, "Aimee is mad that Tabarri would not share the settlement money, but Tabarri has no access to the money."

Polk deputies are in Houston County, Alabama. If Streeter waives her rights, she will be brought back to Polk County in a day or two. Judd says by looking at her criminal record, Streeter gets violent when things go wrong in her personal life. She's been arrested several times for domestic violence.

In this case, Streeter's charges include two counts of first degree attempted murder.

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