Dashcam video shows stranded car struck by train

9:21 AM, Jul 20, 2012   |    comments
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Louisville, Ohio -- A train slammed into a car stuck on the tracks in Ohio.  Police say alcohol, along with a wrong turn, led to the accident.  

Police in Louisville, near Canton, say on the night of July 13, officers arrested 25-year-old Antonio Tillison and charged him with driving while intoxicated.

Police chief Andrew Turowski says, "They allowed him to call for a ride to pick him up here at the police department. The person that he called apparently wasn't familiar with Louisville, had driven into the city, and when he reached the railroad tracks on West Main Street, mistook those for a roadway."  

That driver was reportedly 31-year-old George Pulos. Police say when officers arrived on the scene, they realized that he too was drunk and had him arrested.

Officers were in the process of contacting the railroad company to alert them that there was a car stuck on the tracks, but it was already too late.

"Hey, there's a train coming," someone can be heard yelling in the police dash cam. "There's a train coming. Hey, hey, there's a train coming!"  

Officers were able to clear everyone from the tracks, but the car was not so fortunate.

Louisville's police chief says this crash serves as another reminder of the dangers of drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel.

"Certainly, this could have ended in a much different way," says Chief Turowski. "It was a recipe for disaster, if you will, when a car is struck on the railroad tracks, and a train is, in fact, driving down the tracks."

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