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Tweets of Terror: Batman movie night tweets turn tragic

7:36 PM, Jul 20, 2012   |    comments
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On the night of the shooting the during the Batman movie in Colorado, victims and witnesses Tweeted as the tragedy took place in front of their eyes.  

Take a look at the tweets from the scene and you'll see the story as it happens, tweets describe people trying to connect with their friends during the chaos, the chaos and sadness of the dramatic scene, and tweeters letting their families know that they are ok and worrying about their friends.

But if you go back to right before the shooting, and take a look at the tweets leading up to it, it is even more remarkably sad and emotional. Take this as a warning if you decide to check them out.

Gallery: Tweets, real time social media from Dark Knight shooting scene *warning, VERY GRAPHIC content*

First, folks in costume line up and send twitpics of themselves as characters in the movie, waiting for popcorn, ticket stubs, trying to hook up with friends. You get a sense of the electricity and excitement of going to the movies at midnight to see Batman. 

Storify: Tweets leading up to the shooting

The hashtag #theater9 came into play - and if you follow it you'll see Tweeters say that initially the projector wasn't working, that the audience threw stuff at the people working at the theater, people tweeting about the glitch and tweeters from other theaters saying they are glad they're at another showing. Looked like an electric, fun night at a midnight movie with some technical glitches not uncommon to a movie night for a new release. 

Suddenly, tweets of terror begin to appear, friends are looking for friends, worried, wondering what happened, trying to get out. Someone posts a YouTube video where you can hear people choking from what may have been tear gas, more tweets as people reconnect, and as our partners at 9News in Denver recognize their role and tweet info to inform the people on the scene.

Take a look at all of the links below to follow the night's tweets and social media posts.

Scene video: Dark Knight Shooting witness video

Witnesses, victims on Twitter:

Adam Wilson

Jalil Hall

Chayyeil Jackson

Rachel Fedeli

Blessed Disciple 






Ryan Parker (Denver Post Reporter)

Zach Eastman

Rikki Deanna

Betsy Harich

Jaime Marshall

Tyler Hooper

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Gallery: Tweets, real time social media from Dark Knight shooting scene *warning, VERY GRAPHIC content*

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