Tampa adds 782 trees in time for RNC

12:32 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Mayor Bob Buckhorn tossed the last shovel full of dirt this morning during a ceremonious planting of a tree at Perry Harvey Sr. Park.

The ceremony marks the end of the downtown "Opportunity Corridors" project that put 782 trees into the ground along the main arteries into downtown Tampa.

While the timing puts the completion less than two weeks from the start of the Republican National Convention, Mayor Buckhorn said the project was not designed just for the RNC.

"Much of it is because of the RNC, but all of it was included in the plan I was elected to implement, so for me, this has been a great reason and great rationale to push so much stuff through the bureaucracy so that the city has transformed itself," said the mayor.

Mayor Buckhorn says you can expect to see 1,000 more trees planted around Tampa during the next three years of his term.

"We will take this opportunity corridor strategy and we will it throughout the city and we will move from concentric circles around downtown out to MLK, out to Hillsborough Avenue, out to Sligh. We want every segment of this community to look as beautiful as what you see downtown and we want that sense of pride that pervades downtown to pervade Sulphur Springs," said Mayor Buckhorn.

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