Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor: Violent protesters at RNC will be dealt with swiftly

6:09 PM, Aug 22, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Police Chief Jane Castor issued a warning Wednesday to any protester who breaks the law during the Republican National Convention. Castor said anyone who gets violent or tries breaking windows and knocking down fences will be dealt with "very urgently."

Castor's comments follow the latest video posted by someone claiming to belong to the collective Anonymous. In the video, the unidentified person says they should not be labeled "domestic terrorists" and says Tampa residents should not fear them. But the person does say the upcoming convention is a time to fight back.

During a lengthy one-on-one interview with 10 News on Wednesday Castor said tear gas will be used as a last resort. She said riot gear will likely be brought out at some point and she said expects some arrests next week but declined to offer a prediction.

Castor also called it "ridiculous" that protesters with a concealed weapons permit would be allowed to bring a gun into the Event Zone.

As for the possibility of Isaac causing problems during the historic event she said it's something they've known might be an issue all along.

"It's a concern. Weather has been a concern since the beginning when we made the pitch to host the RNC," Castor said. "But it's too soon to concern ourselves with (Isaac)," noting the storm path could still change dramatically between now and the start of the convention on Monday.

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