Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show' takes jabs at Tampa during Republican National Convention coverage

5:06 PM, Aug 30, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- When the Republicans came to town, tourism officials probably hoped the nation would see a beautiful city on the Bay, a city rich with history, and a resort area with glistening sand and sparkling water.

But on late-night TV and Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' in particular, Tampa's image has been an easy target-starting with the weather.

In a skit taped in Tampa on Tuesday, a pretend TV reporter describes Tampa's weather this way. "A bit muggy Jon? The Amazon is a bit muggy. This is the land that time forgot."

The sun may be hot in Tampa, but the city is also known for a different kind of heat. And Stewart tosses to another correspondent in a strip club who reports while receiving a lap dance. "Jon, I'm here in Tampa's strip club district or as they call it here-Tampa."

So what does Tampa's Mayor think about all this? Well, he's laughing along with the rest of us. 

"As long as they keep saying Tampa, I'm fine," said Mayor Buckhorn, who hadn't seen the show, but had heard about it. "Jon Stewart is a funny, funny, guy and I laugh at a lot of his stuff, even when it's aimed in our direction."

And if Tampa can't take a joke, there's always St. Petersburg.

In yet another skit, a reporter is in the grasp of a giant palmetto bug and being flown away. "Oh my, they're taking me to St. Pete, noooo," she screams.

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