Deadly love triangle involves sex offender, Derrick Vaccianna, and Deputy, Greg Entrekin

7:12 PM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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Inverness, Florida - It is a case gaining more and more attention in the tiny town of Inverness where the peace of one neighborhood was shattered last week.

Two men were involved with the same woman, one of the men, 24-year-old Greg Entrekin, is a Citrus County Sheriff's deputy.

The young woman's other lover, 28-year-old Derrick Vaccianna, is accused of breaking into her home last Thursday night when she and the deputy were home. The deputy shot Vaccianna, sources say, in the chest and killed him.

However, the victim's family tells a completely different story.  They say that Vaccianna was in a longtime relationship with Amanda Vance, and that he stayed at her home all the time. They also say he had a key, and that's how he got in the house during the deadly shooting.

The victim's father, also named Derrick Vaccianna, told the media during an NAACP rally on Tuesday, "I hope justice will be served.  Nobody can bring him back. Nobody can bring him back."

According to the NAACP, the victim's family may file a lawsuit against the Citrus County Sheriff's Office. 

The victim's father calls this a "love triangle gone awry," and is demanding that a full investigation take place into both the deputy and the agency where he has worked for the past month.

The father is getting his wish.

Both FDLE and the Citrus County Sheriff's Office are conducting investigations into what took place in this deadly case, where two men were involved with the same woman. Derrick Vaccianna, Sr. said, "I gave him life and somebody else took it. It's not fair. I want to thank everyone who supports him."

When the deputy and his girlfriend, Amanda Vance, were home last Thursday in Inverness, the two men allegedly fought over their shared girlfriend, that's when the deputy, sources say, shot Derrick and killed him.

The victim's brother, David Higgins, said, "My brother was in a relationship with that girl, Amanda Vance.  For her to do what she did, to be the cause of this whole situation is wrong.  Dead wrong.  I want justice to be served and everything to be looked at." 

While the sheriff's office claims that Derrick Vaccianna, who just happens to be a convicted sex offender, broke into the house, his family says the relationship between Derrick and Amanda had been going on for some time.

Dorothea Vaccianna, the victim's mother, told the media, "Derrick did not break into anyone's home.  Mrs. Vance has been coming to my home for several years. Derrick and Amanda been seeing each other. It just seems impossible."

The Sheriff's office is not commenting on the case during the investigation. There were conflicting reports as to whether the deputy used his agency-issued weapon in the shooting or his personal gun. The deputy was honorably discharged from the military.

A memorial service for Derrick Vaccianna will take place this weekend, according to family.


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