Florida's Amendment 1: 10 News helps to break down the amendments on November's ballot

9:56 AM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida - If you haven't seen this election's ballot, you'll be surprised to see just how long it is and how much you have to read.

There are 11 amendments to go through, so we're helping you break them down. We talked with USF political science professor, Seth McKee.

We started with Amendment 1, which he says is a waste of your time and he doesn't even know how it got on the ballot.

It deals with health care law -- commonly known as Obamacare -- and the change that will take place in 2014, mandating that you have insurance.

"If your employer doesn't provide it for you, there's a penalty. And this is saying that you don't have to pay that penalty if you don't get insurance," says McKee.

He says if passed, the amendment would prevent penalties for not purchasing health care coverage. McKee says the problem is that it doesn't matter if you vote YES or NO, because in June, the US Supreme Court came down with a decision that upheld the law and stated that you do have to pay that penalty.

"It makes no difference. The law has been settled on this issue. We're one of several states that have gone down this road to get people fired up who are opposed to the health care mandate, but it's all for not."

When there's a conflict between state law and a federal law, the federal law trumps it.

This is a way to see where people stand on the health care issue, but a YES vote on Amendment 1 won't change anything.

Here's a look at the sample ballot.

10 News has more on other Amendments on the 2012 ballot:

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