Florida's Amendment 8 is arguably the most controversial on November's ballot

11:51 AM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida - Amendment 8 is arguably the most controversial amendment on the ballot this November. It has several Bay area public school teachers feeling threatened.

Amendment 8 is titled "religious freedom." It would remove the ban on using tax dollars to fund religious entities, organizations, churches or parochial schools, saying taxpayer money can fund religious entities.

"That really changes the complexion of funding. It's very controversial, because of this notion of separation of church and state. That's why the ban is there in the Constitution. This would remove it," says Seth McKee, a professor at USF.

He helped us break down this amendment: "[Voting yes] is essentially saying, you can now not control what taxpayer money goes to in terms of religious organizations."

Public school teachers feel threatened by this amendment, because McKee says it undercuts what they're doing.

"Public teachers would think this is undermining the public education system. That this is a way to weaken it, because you might have some schools that are having difficulty and this is an opportunity for some voters, some families to say, 'I'm taking my kid out,' and now there are taxpayer dollars that can fund a voucher for them to say, go to a Catholic school."

See a sample ballot here.

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