Temple Terrace Police hope new composite photo will help solve a missing person's case

11:49 PM, Mar 31, 2006   |    comments
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Temple Terrace, Florida - Temple Terrace Police have more to go on in their search for a missing woman. Sandra Prince was last seen on December 30th.

Teree Miller, Prince's Neighbor:
"It's not anything that I recognize."

It is a composite picture of a brown-haired, stocky white man that Teree Miller hopes will crack the troubling case of her missing neighbor.

Teree Miller, Prince's Neighbor:
"We just really continue to be concerned continue to pray for her every day and her family and we miss her greatly."

Nearly three months ago the 59-year-old single social worker didn't show up at her job. A concerned neighbor called police but it seemed she had vanished without a trace. That all changed when police released grainy images of a man using Prince's ATM card at two Tampa area banks. They made headlines but still there was no sign of Prince. Today, police handed over the biggest lead yet. They say a witness was able to help them come up with a composite photo of the man in those surveillance pictures.

Paula MacDonald, Spokesperson TempleTerrace Police:
Detectives have been working with a witness that has come forward that has claimed to have been in the area of the ATM located in TempleTerrace. This is a credible witness so we are confident that the information we are getting is good."

Miller hopes someone will recognize who the man in the picture is and blow the whole case wide open.

Teree Miller, Prince's Neighbor:
"If you know this person please come forward do the right thing. That's all we can pray."

An anonymous Temple Terrace business donated another $5000 to the reward now totaling $80,000 for information leading to Sandra Prince.

Sara Dorsey, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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