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Making A Difference: KForce & Feeding Children Everywhere

1:38 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida --  KForce, a professional staffing firm in Tampa, already contributes time and money to help children in Tampa Bay. But on Thursday they went beyond the Bay area and beyond our country's  border to help feed hungry children halfway around the world.

KForce teamed up with Feeding Children Everywhere to bag and ship more than 250,000 bags of lentil casserole in one day before shipping it to Tanzania, Africa.

"These kids have no shelter, nothing," a KForce manager explained to a crowd of hundreds of employees. 

It was a morning pep talk that came with a harsh reality most people may not think twice about day to day.

"There are people around the world that are praying they get food that day," said Don Campbell, President and CEO of Feeding Children Everywhere.

The staff of more than 900 people at KForce and 400 vendor guests not only raised more than $90,000 to buy food for the children, they are getting hands on by filling each bag which contains enough dried lentil and rice casserole to feed six people.

"It's a passion thing, we lead by example and our employers just love to give back. It's something they're really good about, they want to get their hands involved versus just giving money because they feel like they've made a significant difference," said KForce's Ray Morganti.

Feeding Children Everywhere is a social charity that purposely puts donors to work. The organization works with businesses and schools across the country. They bring the food and supplies on site, allowing donors to take an active role in the giving process.

"They want to do more than just write a check and send it off," said Campbell.

KForce also raised $9,000 to give to food banks in Tampa Bay to feed children at home and they say they'll  be sending additional bags of the lentil casserole to help our neighbors struggling after Superstorm Sandy.

"We're sending another 100,000 meals that KForce has paid for over their fundraising goal, so they're sending 100,00 meals to New York and New Jersey," explained Campbell.

KForce has donated 2.5 million bags of food over the last two years since teaming up with Feeding Children Everywhere. Feeding Children Everywhere has provided 17 million bags of food to children around the world in the last 28 months.

Click here to learn more about Feeding Children Everywhere.

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