COPS: 12-year-old witnesses father, Chris Belcher, "strangling" his wife, Gwendolyn Belcher

6:34 PM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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  • Christopher Belcher stands before a judge on charges he murdered his wife, Gwendolyn Belcher.
 PDF Document: Belcher Probable Cause redacted Melanie Michael Video Stories
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Tampa, Florida -- It is a chilling report, an account of a fateful night where a tumultuous marriage came to an end.

10 News has uncovered powerful documents in the case of 43-year-old Christopher Belcher, a husband accused of murdering his wife in Seffner.   

The probable cause affidavit released today details a chilling account of what happened to Gwendolyn Belcher the night detectives say her own husband murdered her.

And, what's worse, Chris Belcher's little girl -- just 12 years old at the time -- witnessed the murder, according to investigators.

People who know Chris Belcher have some choice words for him.

Gwendolyn Belcher's best friend and neighbor, Sara Savage, told 10 News, "He's a low down dirty dog. A living monster and I'm glad they have him back here."

After Gwendolyn was murdered back in September, her husband went on the run, deputies say, and fled to the homes of family members in South Carolina.  They tracked him down through phone surveillance.  Deputies from Hillsborough also worked with the U.S. Marshals Office and the Greenville Police Department.

Detective Larry McKinnon with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said, "We will track down people who break the law, no matter where they are!"

According to documents in the case, Chris Belcher's little girl, Keishonna, just shy of her 13th birthday, saw a horrible thing that night and gave detectives the information they needed to crack this case.  

The little girl told detectives she heard Gwendolyn screaming, "Chris stop!"

Then Chris, yelled out, call the police and, "see what happens," documents show.

Sara said, "I know they're probably giving her counseling or something, it's bad."

Keishonna "advised that she also heard what sounded like Gwendolyn being strangled."

The child said, "There were times when Gwendolyn's voice was yelling, and times when her voice sounded muffled, as if she was gasping for breath."

Detective McKinnon added, "It's a tragic situation all the way around. She's lost her mother, father, exposed to ultimate violence."

But, Chris Belcher lied about the whole thing, investigators say.

Chris told detectives, after he woke up, he realized his wife was not in the bedroom. He "figured she went to work".

Little did deputies know, Chris Belcher had already murdered his wife, set her body on fire and dumped the car, according to documents.

As a side note, Gwendolyn Belcher's daughter, Re'Kale Hill, gave  birth to a little girl this morning, who she says will be named after her mother, in her memory.

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