Tampa children find their forever families

2:56 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Friday was a day that was two years in the making. Finally, two families who happen to share the last name Muhammad will now share a lifelong bond becoming the parents of three brothers.

Tonya and Ali and welcoming 2-year-old Samir into their family.

"My feet are not on the ground. I know I look like my feet are on the ground. I'm so excited," beamed Tonya Muhammad. 

Her friends Wanda and Alec are welcoming 3-year-old Yusaf and his brother 7-year-old Khalid into their families. Khalid couldn't help but smile all morning. 

"This means to me love and I'm happy I'm going to be adopted today, so I love my new parents that I have," said Khalid.

The brothers are among more than twenty Hillsborough County foster children no longer wondering if they'll ever find forever families.

But, there are 160 right here in Hillsborough County still searching for that unconditional love of a family. The number grows to 750 children statewide.

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"I'm just honored to be able to do this, to be able to be there for the children and be a good father figure," said Alec Muhammad. 

The moment in court as the judge finalized the adoptions built families and fulfilled dreams, a promise these children will never have to wonder if they'll ever find a place to call home.

Eckerd Community Alternative, the lead agency in Hillsborough County overseeing the care of more than 3,000 foster children each day says there are 160 children available for adoption right now in the county and 750 statewide.

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They say you don't have to be perfect or rich to adopt, just the commitment to be a forever parent.

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