Dee Dee Moore: Accused lottery killer of Abraham Shakespeare changes her look often

12:00 PM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - From blonde bombshell to business-like brunette, accused killer Doris "Dee Dee" Moore has dramatically changed her look several times since 2010. That's when Moore was accused of killing truck driver and lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare.

In 2006, Shakespeare won a $31 million Florida Lotto Jackpot, but his winnings would prove to bring him bad luck. In 2009, Shakespeare's coworker Michael Ford sued him, claiming that Shakespeare took the ticket from Ford's wallet.

Shakespeare said that his two Lotto tickets were purchased by co-worker Michael Ford at a Frostproof convenience store while the two were on their truck delivery route, but he paid Ford $2 for the tickets, and once he won Ford came demanding a $1 million cut.

Enter Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore. Shakespeare began introducing her to his friends as "the lady that's going to be helping me with a few of the things that I'm dealing with as far as my financial situation." Some sources also say that Moore offered to be Shakespeare's biographer and became known as his girlfriend.

After she befriended Shakespeare, Polk Sheriff Grady Judd says Moore acquired nearly $2 million of his cash and assets. As Shakespeare went missing for nine months, family and friends were worried sick about him and filed a missing person's report.

Dee Dee Moore, according to detectives, came up with an elaborate plan to try to calm their fears. Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee says Moore, "wrote a letter to the victim's mother claiming to be the victim and claiming to be alright. Dorice Donegan Moore used the victim's cell phone and sent text messages to the victim's friends and family."

Sheriff Gee says Shakespeare was murdered at a single story ranch style house located at 5732 Highway 60 East in Plant City on April 6 or 7, 2009.

He says Moore arranged for someone to use a backhoe to dig a hole to bury construction debris behind the house, which is where Shakespeare's body was eventually discovered, under a concrete slab.

Police were able to arrest Moore as a suspect after she asked a police informant to dig up Shakespeare's body and move it. Documents show that Moore had been looking for someone who was already heading to prison on other charges that would be willing to take the rap for Shakepeare's murder.

Over 4,000 pages of documents have been released in the murder case of Abraham Shakespeare. You can read them at the link below.

Court Papers: Abraham Shakespeare/Dee Dee Moore murder case documents

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